Using the Owner Portal

The Owner Portal is a special area of your property manager's web site that is designed to provide you with real-time information regarding your rental properties. The Owner Portal allows you to:
  • View your statements and reports online.
  • Communicate with the management team.
  • View alerts for unpaid bills.
  • Approve or reject work orders.
  • Update contact information.
  • Add a payment profile for electronic debits and credits.
Use the following quick links to jump directly to information on specific topics:

I. Getting Started with the Owner Portal
II. My Account IV. Reports V. Bills VI. Maintenance VII. Documents

Getting Started with the Owner Portal
Access the Owner Portal from your property manager's web site. While every web site will be unique, you should see an obvious link that takes you to the Owner Portal Sign-On page.
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Signing Up for a Portal Account
  1. If you don't have an account for the Owner Portal, click the Sign Up button to request one.
  2. The Sign-up page opens. Complete all the required fields and click the Submit button. The information you submit must match to the information on file for you with your property management company.
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  1. Your request is sent to your property manager, who will activate your Owner Portal account. When your account is activated, you will receive an email message with sign-on instructions.

Signing On to the Portal
You must have an email address to have an account to your owner portal. Your property manager uses this address to set up your account and sends you an email message with sign-on instructions to your portal. In most cases, your email address is the username.
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  1. Enter your email address in the Email Address field.
  2. Enter the password provided in the email message you received.
  3. Click the Sign In button.
If you lose or forget your password, click the Forgot Your Password? link to request a new password. You need to provide your first and last names and email address. Enter the same email address that your property manager has on file for you.
If you use the same email address with multiple management companies, you can sign on to the portal from any of your property managers' web sites. Once you enter your email address and password, click Sign In, use the drop-down list to select the appropriate property manager, and then click Sign In again to sign on to the portal for that property manager.

To view your properties with a different property manager, you must first sign off of your current portal, sign back in, and then select the new property manager from the drop-down list.

Owner Portal Navigation Tabs
The Owner Portal has navigation tabs on the top as shown below. Click a tab to select it. The selected tab changes to white. The Maintenance tab only appears if the management company has implemented online service requests and work orders on the Owner Portal.
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My Account
Use the My Account page to view your contact information, alerts for unpaid bills and work orders waiting to be approved, and conversations with the property management team. The My Account screen is made up of four sections: Community Message, My Alerts, My Contact Information, and Conversations.
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Community Message
Your property manager uses this area to post messages to all property owners.

My Alerts
The My Alerts section shows links to unpaid bills and work orders waiting for your approval. Click a number link to go directly to the Bills or Maintenance pages, where you can view, approve, or reject the items.
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If there are no alerts, the My Alerts section displays "No Unpaid Bills" and "No Work Orders Pending Approval."
Work Order alerts only appear if the management company is using online work orders in the Owner Portal.

My Contact Information
The My Contact Information section displays your contact information. There are two links that allow you to manage your account information: Edit and Change Email/Password.

Changing Your Address and Phone Numbers
Use the Edit link to update your address and phone contact information or your payment method.
From the My Account page, click the Edit link.User-added image
Update the relevant fields.User-added image
Click the Save button.User-added image

Changing Your Email Address or Password
Use the Change Email/Password link to manage your Owner Portal sign-on.
From the My Account page, click the Change Email/Password link.User-added image
Update your email address, if necessary. To change your Owner Portal sign-on, enter your current and new passwords.User-added image
Click the Save button.User-added image

Managing Your Payment Accounts
As an owner, you can manage two different payment accounts in the Owner Portal:
  • Draw Payment Method: This is how the management company pays you. You can choose to get a standard paper check or, if your management company is using ePayments, you can choose an E-Check, which directly deposits your draws into your bank account by ACH.
  • Payment Account: If your management company is using ePayments, this is the account you want to use to make and receive electronic payments.
If you chose "E-Check" as your Draw Payment Method, you should also choose "E-Check" as your Payment Account.

Use the Edit link at the My Account page to manage both of these types of payments.
From the My Account page, click the View Detail link.User-added image
The View Contact Info page shows you all of your current account settings, including your current Draw Payment Method and your Payment Account.

The Payment Account information is only available if your management company is using ePayments on the Owner Portal. This account defines how you make and receive online payments.
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To change your Draw Payment Method, click Edit, and then select "Check" or "E-Check." This defines how you are paid by the management company. "E-Check" is only available if your management company is using ePayments.User-added image
Click the Save button, even if you didn't change your Draw Payment Method.User-added image
To enter your Payment Account information, click the Add Payment Account button.User-added image
If you need to update or change your Payment Account information, first click the Delete Payment Account button and then click the Add Payment Account button.
There are two types of electronic payments: E-Check (an ACH bank account payment) and Credit Card.User-added image
While you can make online contributions using either method, you can only receive electronic owner draws by E-Check. Therefore, if you want to receive draws electronically, the Payment Method should be "E-Check."
If you choose "E-Check," complete the information about the bank account you want to use to make and receive electronic payments.User-added image
If you choose "Credit Card," complete the information about the credit card you want to use to make electronic payments. You cannot receive electronic draws to a credit card.User-added image
For both methods, make sure the billing address is correct on the right side of the page.User-added image
Click the Save button.User-added image

Your Owner Portal allows you to view and initiate new conversations related to the management of your rentals. The Conversations section in My Account displays:
  • Conversations between your property managers and tenants. These conversations are in read-only mode. This means you can view the conversation but you cannot participate.
  • Your conversations between you and your property managers.
The Conversations section contains only active conversations. For each conversation, the name of the person who began the conversation is shown, along with the date and time. Each response in the conversation is listed below that, with the name, date and time.
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Adding Comments to a Conversation
To add a new comment to an existing conversation, perform the steps shown below:
Click in the Write a comment field to add a comment to the conversation. If this is a conversation between the property manager and a tenant, the link is not active.
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Click the Save button to post your comment.User-added image

Starting a Conversation
Anytime a conversation is created or updated with a new comment, the participants are notified immediately by an email message.
Click the New Conversation link.
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If you have multiple portfolios, select the appropriate one and enter your comment or question in the Description field.
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Click the Save button to post your comment.User-added image

Use the Statements tab is divided into three sections. At the top, you can view financial Statements for any portfolio and period you want. To the right, you'll see a quick Balance Summary for the same period. Below that, you'll see a full listing of Draws and Contributions that have been made to and from your portfolio. You can also make new contributions to your account from here, if you have set up a payment account.
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Viewing Owner Statements
To view your owner statement, click the Download link in the Statements list.
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This opens the statement as a PDF document.
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If your computer does not have Adobe Acrobat installed, download it from http://get.adobe.com/reader/.

Making a Contribution
If you have set up an online payment account, you make contributions to the property management account online.
On the Statements page, click the Make Contribution Online link.
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If you have multiple portfolios, enter the amount and any comments. Confirm that this is the correct payment account.
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Click the Save button to post your contribution.User-added image
If you are also receiving owner draws electronically, your Payment Method will be set up as an "E-Check" and will also be used to make the contribution. If you prefer to make the contribution using a credit card, you must change your Payment Method to "Credit Card," make the contribution, and then change the Payment Method back to "E-Check" so that your electronic draws process correctly. See Managing Your Payment Accounts for details.

Use the Reports tab to view all reports regarding the management of your rental properties. All published reports use real-time data.

Viewing Reports
  1. To view a report, locate the report in the list of reports.
  2. Click the View link in the Action column.
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Here is an example of a published report:
User-added image

Use the Bills tab to review all bills and payments that have been recorded for your rental properties. These bills include a breakdown of the expense line items, descriptions, and invoices from vendors (if the property manager scans and attaches invoices to bills).

The footer filter allows you to increase or decrease the number of items shown and navigate among pages.
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Viewing Your Bills
To view the list of all bills applied towards your account, follow these steps:
Select the bills you want to view:
Filter By billing date or payment date.
Select the time period you want to view.
Select paid, unpaid, or all bills.
Click Go.
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Select the View Detail option from the Action drop-down list.User-added image

This step displays the bill, as shown below:
User-added image

To view an invoice that is attached to the bill, click the View Invoice button located at the top of the screen.
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Use the Maintenance tab to view all service requests submitted by the tenants occupying your rentals and work orders created by the management team. You can approve or reject a work order.
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Viewing Work Orders
All open work orders created for your rentals are displayed on the Maintenance page. Use the Status drop-down lists at the top of the page to filter the list by all, open, closed, approved, or unapproved work orders. The footer options allow you to increase or decrease the number of items shown and navigate through multiple pages of work orders.
Select the work orders you want to view. Select open, closed, or all work orders. Then, select approved, unapproved, or all.User-added image
Select the View Detail option from the Action drop-down list.User-added image
Review the work order details. You can approve or reject the work order here, or enter comments. User-added image

Approving or Rejecting a Work Order
You can reject or approve a work order in the My Work Orders list.
Select open work orders that have not been approved.User-added image
In the Action drop-down list, select "Approve" or "Reject."User-added image
Click OK to confirm your action. Once you take an action, the status of the work order is changed to Closed.User-added image

Use the Documents tab to open or download documents shared by your management company. When a new document is uploaded to the Owner Portal, you receive an email notification.

Click the Documents tab to see a link to the document along with its size, date uploaded, and the name of the person who uploaded the document. To open the document, click the link.
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Documents indicated by an asterisk (*) are eSignature documents that require action from at least one signer. Once an eSignature document is complete, the document on your portal will update with the completed fields visible on the document.

You must have the appropriate software on your computer to view the document.
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