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Recording Application Fees
Instructional - October 24, 2019
Refunding Application Fee Electronically
Instructional - May 19, 2020
How an applicant/prospect can pay application fee without re-submitting their Application Form?
Instructional - December 9, 2019
How to verify that the application fee was paid online
Instructional - April 23, 2020
ePayment Settings
Reference - October 31, 2018
Instructions for reviewing ePayment options, including payment methods, convenience fees, and application fee handling.
How to Set or Change Application Fee Settings
Instructional - December 6, 2019
Applicants Unable to Pay Application Fee Online
Solution - July 17, 2019
Tenant Application Settings Page in the New View
Reference - February 17, 2020
How to configure the Tenant Applications Portal using the Tenant Application Settings Page.
Using the Tenant Portal
How To - April 21, 2020
How to perform the tasks available to tenants on the tenant portal
Can I make it required for prospects to pay application fees?
Q&A - May 4, 2020