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Recording Application Fees
Instructional - October 24, 2019
Refunding Application Fee Electronically
Instructional - July 28, 2020
How an applicant/prospect can pay application fee without re-submitting their Application Form?
Instructional - December 9, 2019
How to verify that the application fee was paid online
Instructional - April 23, 2020
ePayment Settings
Reference - August 25, 2020
Instructions for reviewing ePayment options, including payment methods, convenience fees, and application fee handling.
Can applicant login to their tenant application portal when their status is Application In-Progress?
Q&A - October 21, 2020
Using the Tenant Portal
How To - October 26, 2020
How to perform the tasks available to tenants on the tenant portal
Management Fee/s Missing on the Management Fee Calculator
Solution - February 11, 2021
API Integration
Q&A - January 5, 2021
Tenant Application Settings Page in the New View
Reference - September 30, 2020
How to configure the Tenant Applications Portal using the Tenant Application Settings Page.